Roly-Poly Harry Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Roly-Poly Harry
with Dot Klerck
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 18
Decorating time: 1.5 days
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Bite Sized

Watch Dot make her cake in just one minute!

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A short selection of clips from the whole tutorial!

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1. Board and Cake Preparation

Preparing your board for your cake is important for health and safety and Dot will show you a clever trick to save on cake when cutting a circular design.

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2. Carving and placing of cake

In this lesson, Dot shows you how to carve your cat body shape and place it on your board for maximum drama.

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3. Sealing the Cake with Chocolate

It’s very important to seal your cake for freshness and in this lesson Dot shows you how she uses chocolate to crumb coat and create a smooth and hard surface to sculpt on.

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4. Armature and First Sculpt

Dot uses kitchen materials to create the legs and tail of the cat. This is an easy way that takes away the stresses of hardware products and unfamiliar tools and gives you confidence to try structure in your cakes.

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5. Sculpting legs and Paws

Dot shows you how to create movement and interest when sculpting the four legs in different positions then you’ll create realistic paws and tail movement.

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6. Face Sculpting Part 1

Here Dot shows you how to create the cat face from the inside out. Starting with a polystyrene ball, Dot creates the eye sockets, eye brow bones, bridge of the nose and other face details as a base to cover with a fondant ‘skin’.


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7. Face Sculpting Part 2

Dot shows you how to cover your sculpted head base with fondant and create the details of the nose, mouth and chin. Dot will also show you how to sculpt the ears and the correct positioning in relation to the cat’s eyes.

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8. Creating the eyes

Always the crucial part of any realistic sculpt, the eyes are an important element in convincing your audience of what you’ve created. Dot will show you step by step how to create a realistic cat eye that’s easy and ‘eye-catching’!

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9. Attaching the head and covering the Board

Having sculpted the head off the cake body to make it easier to create the details, Dot will show you how to sculpt the neck and attach the cat’s head in a playful position with the ears on the board.

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10. Creating the Fur

With the twist in the cat’s body as he plays, it’s important to create the fur in a way that gives direction and texture to your cake. Dot will add pieces of fondant and using tools, create texture that adds to the movement you created with the sculpting. This final fur layer also ‘fattens’ up the cat to create the final shape.

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11. Creating Facial Fur and Paws

Without changing the shape of the cat’s face, Dot adds some fine fur detail to the face and neck to complete the texture and bring it all together for the final details.

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12. Painting the face

Using cocoa butter to paint is a wonderful way to layer colours. They blend easily and take time to dry and set. Dot starts by painting the cute nose and then outlining the eyes and  other face details. She continues with some ginger stripes laying colours showing techniques to create realistic fur and texture.

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13. Painting the Body

Using cocoa butter to layer colours and create ginger stripes, Dot begins by circling the legs and moving on to the body. Each colour is laid on other colours and brushed to create a realistic finish.

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14. Finishing touches

There’s always some little details that can finish the cake off and make a perfect finish. Here Dot shows you how to add a cute pink tongue in the mouth, a white dot in the eyes and then finally add wire whiskers to the face.


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15. Other Ideas

Dot provides some other ideas to use on your own designs.

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16. PRO Lesson

Dot has some professional tips to take this design to a unique level.

Roly-Poly Harry Cake

In this tutorial Dot Klerck shows you how to create a realistic cat using cake, modelling chocolate and simple armature from kitchen materials. This is an easy way to add another level to your caking without the extra stress or complex design with hardware materials. She also shows you how to paint with cocoa butter colours to layer and create realistic fur with some different techniques that bring depth and texture to your colours. Join Dot as she takes you through all her techniques and step by step instructions that will bring your cat to life!

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Cut and carving awkward shapes from cake
  • Create armature from kitchen materials
  • Create realistic cat face details
  • Paint with cocoa butter
  • and much, much more

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Dot Klerck

Dot Klerck

Dorothy Klerck, better known as Dot, is best known for her amazing life size sculpted animals. Her work is simply breathtaking and having created lifelike and life sized lions, giraffes and even elephants, no wonder her work has captured the imagination the world over. Dot lives in Wellington, West Cape, South Africa with her husband and family of two boys and two girls. Her international work takes her all over the world requiring her to spend around 3 months of the year away from home. Her teaching takes her to every continent and she has also made some amazing private commissions too. Her motto is; You dream..we create..if you can't dream..we do that for you too...all in cake! She is an amazing person and extremely talented artist, who just loves her job, which you can see from her amazing creations.
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