Dot Klerck (ZA)

Dot Klerck
Tutoring on CakeFlix: 2018
Tutorials: 9

Dorothy Klerck, better known as Dot, is best known for her amazing life size sculpted animals. Her work is simply breathtaking and having created lifelike and life sized lions, giraffes and even elephants, no wonder her work has captured the imagination the world over.

Dot lives in Wellington, West Cape, South Africa with her husband and family of two boys and two girls. Her international work takes her all over the world requiring her to spend around 3 months of the year away from home. Her teaching takes her to every continent and she has also made some amazing private commissions too. Her motto is;¬†You dream..we create..if you can’t dream..we do that for you too…all in cake!

She is an amazing person and extremely talented artist, who just loves her job, which you can see from her amazing creations.

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