Winter Wonderland Christmas Carousel Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Winter Wonderland Christmas Carousel
with Jhanine Walker
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 27
Decorating time: 2 - 3 days
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Watch Jhanine make her Christmas Carousel cake in just one minute!

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Hand picked highlights from the whole course!

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1. Carving the Cake

In this lesson you will learn how to easily make your own, easy to make template and turn a round cake into a hexagon. No fancy pans required!

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2. Ganaching

Learn how to ganache and navigate those sharp edges on a hexagon shaped cake. 

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3. Cutting fondant panels

In this lesson, Jhanine will show you how to create a clean, sharp and textured finish using the panelling method.

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4. Paneling the cake

Now it’s time to add those panels and tailor them to your cake for the perfect finish.

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5. Colouring the hexagon panels

Bring the cobblestone texture to life with a simple colour wash technique.

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6. Decorating the hexagon cake

It’s time to turn a cobblestone hexagon into a whimsical toy shop by adding just a few easy elements.

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7. Covering the present box cake

Every great result needs a great foundation. In this lesson, Jhanine shows you how to cover a round dummy cake in a nice, neat and sharp coating of white fondant.

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8. Making and attaching stripes

Learn how to easily achieve a striped present box look with a few simple cake tools and a ruler!

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9. Making the lid for the present box

It’s now time to add a lid to the present box. And it’s as simple as can be.

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10. Making and attaching the bow

No gift box is complete without a pretty bow. In this lesson, Jhanine will show you how to make a super easy bow and how to attach it to the front of the present box.

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11. Making and decorating the carousel canopy

In this lesson you will learn how to create the beautiful vintage, light up canopy for the carousel

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12. Making the carousel components

Now that the canopy is made, it’s time to make the other components to put it all together.

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13. Adding a flourish to the centre pole

Jhanine will show you how to level up the carousel with the tiniest little detailed touch.

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14. Making the reindeer

In this lesson you will learn how the reindeer that adorn the carousel were made and decorated.

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15. Building the carousel

In this lesson, all of the carousel elements finally come together to make the finished piece.

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16. Making candy canes

Jhanine will show you how to make cute little candy canes from fondant to decorate the cake board with.

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17. Making the windows

There is only one thing missing from the little toy shop. Windows! In this lesson you will learn how to make the windows, paint them to look like woodgrain and add a beautiful, frosted effect, pane of ‘glass’.

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18. Stacking the cake

The big moment has arrived! In this lesson you will be shown how this huge cake was stacked.

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19. Attaching the windows

Adding a bit of whimsy and warmth to the cake is so simple. You’ll learn just how easy it is to create a light up window on the side of the hexagon cake.

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20. Ribbon

No cake is complete without a ribbon on the board. And that’s what we will do in this lesson.

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21. Making the trees and bushes

Jhanine will show you how to make quick and easy fondant trees and bushes to add to the board for a real Christmas aesthetic.

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22. Making and adding the snow

In this lesson you will learn a fantastic technique for creating light, realistic, fluffy snow

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23. Adding the candy canes and the topper

In this final lesson, Jhanine finally brings the whole creation together and finishes it off with some Christmassy candy canes leading right to the front door of the sweet little toy shop.

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24. Other Ideas

In this lesson, Jhanine will run through a few ideas on how you can use the skills learned in this tutorial to create other cake designs either for Christmas or any other occasion.

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25. PRO Lesson

Jhanine will break down the cost of each element in the design and explain how she prices this particular cake for sale to the public. 

Winter Wonderland Christmas Carousel Cake

Create your very own whimsical Christmas wonderland with a moving carousel and light up windows. This beautiful cake is sure to bring a smile to any Christmas celebration.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Create different cake shapes without the use of fancy cake tins
  • Ganache sharp corners effectively
  • Use the panelling technique for neat, sharp edge finishes
  • Use easily accessible materials to create a beautiful, light up, spinning carousel cake
  • and much, much more

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Jhanine Walker

Jhanine Walker

Jhanine is from Victoria, Australia. After many years of making cake creations for others, at the end of 2018, she decided go full circle and start teaching others via the medium that she had learned so very many of my skills from in the beginning. The rest, as they say, is history. That is how my YouTube channel ‘That’s Cakeable’ was born. Now I get to do what I love and share the things I have learned along the way with all of you amazing peeps!

Jhanine has featured in Cake Masters Magazine, Caking all over the World and now CakeFlix TV.

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