Pro gets even better! (Free pro video inside)

free-pro-video-280x157A couple of months ago we started our pro membership for those of you who are running or thinking of running a cake decorating business and now we are making our pro Membership even better! We have started to add a pro only video the the end of our courses giving you the inside scoop on how to get the most out of the course from a business point of view. Things such as how to cost the cake, how you might display it in a shop window, different options to give customers, how much time it should take you to make if you are in business and not doing it for a hobby and who knows what else in the future! I’ll be pitching in myself to talk about photography and set building for individual courses soon too.

To give you a taste of what’s to become a regular feature of future courses here’s a free lesson from this weeks course, The Reindeer Cake (published by the end of the day). It’s the season of giving after all! oh and on that note Pro is currently on offer in our Christmas sale with £100 OFF! The perfect time to go pro and start the new year living the dream! Enjoy!

By Paul Doffman

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