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asked November 5th 2019

Armature and teapot cake

Hi everyone. I wonder if you can give me some advice please? I have been asked to make a cake that has two large round bottom tiers, 12″, 10″ and then three topsy turvey tears ending with a teapot at a ‘pouring’ angle with sugar flowers falling down like tea ending in a cup on top of the 10″ cake. She has asked for a dummy cake for the bottom tier. Can you advise me if a 12″ dummy would be too light and how on earth do I a) put enough armature in to keep it all together and b) is there any way that it could be split for delivery unless I can find ‘Superman’ to move it


Hi lyndaplatts

Let me start by first saying that I have never made this type of cake. However, there are guides which can point you in the right direction. Search in youtube for ‘how to make gravity-defying cakes’ to see Dawn Butler’s cake frame:
…… and other simpler ways to build the structure without actually using an armature. I haven’t been able to source an entire tutorial. Paul has two great tutorials which could be adapted for your needs. Take a peek at the handbag heaven tutorials part 1 and part 2:

Handbag Heaven pt 1

Handbag Heaven pt 2

These tutorials show how to build the stand.
He also has how to carve topsy turvy stacked cakes without armature which could hold a pouring teapot with a little adjustment.

Topsy Turvy Cake

You might also find the following interesting:

The bottom tiers can be dummies. They will remain stable as long as the are properly integrated into the armature. Transporting such a cake would have its challenges. Although, given sufficient time, the cake structure could be assembled onto the made armature at the venue. I’m not sure how long it would take to put it all together since I’ve never done this sort of cake.

My advice would be to build the armature and see whether you feel confident enough to go ahead with the order.
I will continue searching for the next day or two in case something turns up.

I hope the above suggestions help. 🙂


Dear madeitwithlove, as always you have some fabulous advice. I will investigate your suggestions now. Thank you so very much x


I hope you find a suitable solution. I would appreciate any feedback which may be of use to other members. X 🙂

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