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asked June 11th 2019

Butter Cream wedding Cake

I have been asked to ice a wedding cake with buttercream, I understand a crusting icing is better can you give me a recipe for crusting buttercream please. I have tried one recipe but the icing was quite gritty could you help .
Regards Sue


Hi Sue

Take a peek here:

Rustic Wedding Cake

Scroll down to the ingredients tab under the video and you see the recipe. Alternatively, you could use half icing sugar and half royal icing, icing sugar to make as normal with butter. Royal icing, icing sugar contains meringue powder which helps the crusting. If the buttercream is too stiff, slacken it with a little boiled water.

Other ways to make crusting buttercream is to add either melted white chocolate or white ganache to your normal recipe. Take a peek at my buttercream blog for quantities here:

Buttercream covering and filling guide

..... and here is an answer given by another member who has used my blog and chart.

Hope suggestions help. 🙂