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asked August 16th 2019

Buttercream 3 tier wedding cake

When stacking this type of cake what is the best way to avoid renting the buttercream?


Hi Julie Billington

To avoid any major dents during stacking, chill the cake first or, even place it in the freezer for a short time to allow the buttercream to set up. Adding some ganache to the covering buttercream will help the texture to remain more stable. For ratios of ganache to buttercream peek here:

Buttercream covering and filling guide

Any dents in buttercream after stacking can be easily smoothed out with a warm palette knife. If you can get hold of kitchen roll without a pattern, a sheet can be held against any dings and carefully and gently smoothed out with the warmth of your hand. Available also are smoothing cloths as seen here:


If you do a lot of buttercream cake, it's worth making this small investment.

Hope this help. 🙂