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asked July 14th 2017

Cake calculator

Hi, I am making a fruit cake and are using Mrs Jones 8" recipe. Using your calculator for a 12"'round cake, there seems to be a lot of fruit I.e. 1215g of currants, 540 raisins and the same for sultanas etc.
I would like you to clarify if this is correct . My cake tin is 3" deep. When I have entered in your calculator the same recipe for Mrs Jones 8" cake, the calculation is slightly different to her ingredients listed in her video.


Thanks for spotting. I have passed this to technical support and will have this resolved and will let you know.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Hi gdavies

While the tech team is looking into this problem here are your figures for 12" round fruit cake recipe:

currants: 11104g
raisins: 460g
sultans: 460g
cherries: 345g
mixed peel:173g
brandy: 4.5 tablespoons (approx 70ml)
butter: 633g
sugar: 633g
lemon zest: 1 whole lemon
eggs medium: 11.5 eggs
flour: 805g
cinnamon: 1.1 teaspoon ( 1 teaspoon or to taste)
spice: 1.1 " "
Almonds: 173 g

Alternatively, you may find sizing chart useful in my blog here:

What Size cake tin to use

All the instructions on how to use the chart is in the blog.
Hope this helps. If you need more information, please post again.

ps I've just edited the amounts for the currants. It now accuratley reads 1114 g and not as previously posted as 114g apologies for error.


Hi, thank you for your reply. I have already weighed out all the ingredients previously before submitting my question. Is the ingredient calculation I have used correct I.e 1215g currants , 540g sultanas and so forth, If correct, how big a tin does this mix require as if I have surplus, because my tin is 12" I can use the remainder mix in another tin. In summary I dont mind if I have surplus mix,. I will have another smaller cake .


It depends how deep the tin is which you are using. If it is 4" deep, yes you can use all of the mixture. If it is 3" deep you'll have mixture left over. However if you make a parchment collar to extend the height of the tin, all of the mixture can be used. The baking time will also have to be extended and it will be a case of babysitting until done.
Just so that you know, the amount of ingredients from the calculator is approximate 10% over what is required for a 12" x 3" round recipe.


Ok thanks for your help.


I'm also having this problem with the carrot cake recipe.
The original recipe is for 8" round cakes. If I ask the calculator for the ingredients for 8" round cakes the amount is different from the original recipe. Therefore I don't think I can use it to get the amounts for the 11" cakes.


I mean 10".


Hi Nanni

All the ingredients have to be mutiplied by a factor of 1.5 or 1.6 if you'd like a little more mixture.
Please also see the charts in my blog here:

Hope this helps


Hi David,

I am wanting to make Pauls chocolate mosit cake, and have used the calculator to downscale it to a 8" round 4" deep recipe.

When it gives you the amont of 221.2 grams would you weight that out to the nearest round figure such as
222 grams ? I am new to baking and a little confused when downscaling recipes.

Paula 🙂


Hi Paula

Yes, that's exactly right. If at anytime the figure is .5 or over, round it up to nearest whole figure above. 🙂

No, no got that wrong leave it at 221 as it's under .5


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