What Size cake tin to use

One of the challenges faced by many home bakers appears to be knowing how much recipe to use when baking a different sized cake.

If you know the recipe and proportions for a cake you use and you want to make a different sized cake you can use this ready reckoner:

Word format: Cake ready reckoner

PDF Format:  Cake_ready_reckoner (opens in a new window)

The figures have been calculated by working out the ratio of surface areas. If you need a cake of a different depth you must divided each ingredient quantity by the depth of the recipe cake and multiply by the depth of the cake you wish to make.

How to use this chart :

1/ Find the size of tin used in the recipe from the left hand column.

2/ Look along the top row to find the tin size of the cake you wish to bake.

3/ Where the row and column meet is a number.

4/ Multiply each of your ingredients by this number to get the quantity of ingredient you need. When using a calculator don’t forget to put the decimal point in the right place.

There’s an excellent electronic calculator provided by Cake O Meter  which allows you to enter specific ingredients.

This information has kindly been provided by Roshan (username: madeitwithlove) and husband Howard. It’s taken away any of the complicated sums and often guess work that went into deciding upon the different tin proportions to use.

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