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asked September 24th 2021

Car Insurance

I'm really confused about what type of cover I need for my car if I want to deliver cakes to customers. I would be using my own car which is covered on the normal social, domestic and commuting cover plus business use but I'm told this doesn't cover delivering cakes and I can't find any information about what type of cover I need. Can anyone give me any advice or recommend a company in the UK who will cover this as well as the non-business use?



Hi Emily

Delivery as a service is considered 'commercial' when it comes to car insurance.
You need to either avoid the word 'delivery' or find insurance that will cover you for delivery.

I have recently heard that Direct Line in the UK offer a car delivery insurance for cakes. Please don't quote me, but my understanding is that as 'delivery' is not the main service that you are providing they categories it as below commercial insurance.

Let us know how you get on 🙂


Hi Emily

Lots of good advice here:

Liability Insurance

Hope the suggestions there help. 🙂

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