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asked September 16th 2018

Chocolate cake and syrup

how long will the cake stay fresh if covering in buttercream and then

Also am I best to put a syrup on it? If so what would you use?


Hi R_shepherd

Paul's moist chocolate cake doesn't really need sugar syrup to keep it moist as it is already very moist. However, if you'd like to add a little something, how about a drop of your favourite liqueur.? Paul uses Bailey's cream to enhance the flavour of the chocolate and it also helps keep the cake more moist.
It can stay fresh anywhere between five and ten days depending on how it is stored and handled.
Take a peek at David's answer in the following thread:

paul’s chocolate cake- how many days


How much sugar syrup and what kind (e.g. lemon) would i need for madeira cake please


Hi elaine77

Simple syrup is made by boiling together equal quantities of water and sugar. It can be flavoured with any flavours. How much syrup is required depends on the size of your cake. For more information on simple syrup, please take a peek at the following link :

sugar syrup

Start with 200g of sugar and same for sugar. Let it boil for a minute or two then cool. Once cool, add flavour to taste eg lemon.
I usually add some vanilla too as the combination elevates the flavour. Brush each layer of the cake as required without over saturating.

If you need more syrup, make up a little more as needed. 🙂

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