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asked January 13th 2020

Easy Chocolate Cake

Hi could you post the method for the easy chocolate cake recipe please? Its the one with hot water not coffee.

Thank you ?


On the recipe calculator theres a “easy chocolate cake” . Its not Pauls moist chocolate cake, its a diferent chocolate cake. The recipe is there but not the method.
Yesterday while going tru videos I found the video where Paul shows how to make the easy chocolate cake. Its on the Naked Butcream Wedding Cake.


Hi Raquel de Sousa

Please could you give the link for this cake. The only easy chocolate cake I can see is the following:

Easy Chocolate Wedding Style Cake

Thank you.



1: Place all dry ingredients into the mixing bowl and pulse gently to incorporate. Keep the mixer running on low.

2: Add eggs one at a time until incorporated.

3: Add vanilla extract

4: Add milk

5: Add oil

6: Finally add boiling water a little at a time. Incorporate slowly to form a glossy thin batter.

7: Bake in 2 x deep cakes pans at 150c (time not give. I would say around 1hr 15 mins but please check timing yourself by keeping an eye on the baking.)

8: or 5 sandwich pans at 180c for approx 35 – 40 minutes

Please take note that the given instructions in the ingredients tab state bake in fan assisted oven.

I hope this answers your query. Please come back if you need more information. 🙂

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