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asked September 8th 2021

Homemade Fondant

Can anyone help me with a homemade fondant recipe. I have never tried this and have always used shop/online. Preferably suitable for vegetarian and also which is OK to use for airbrushing.


Hi carole1976

I’ve done a quick google search for ‘vegan fondant recipes’ and found several.

The following seems a comprehensive guide which ticks all your requests:

Tutorial: How to Make Vegan Fondant

I recommend reading all of the instructions, with special attention to the information on the glycerin.

Hopefully, others will chime in with more possibilities. 🙂


More here if you’d like to see recipes for non vegan:

How to make Sugarpaste from scratch?


Thank you also just purchased some vegetarian marshmallows to try.


Experiment with a few inexpensive ingredients and you might get a nice surprise. It’s always difficult choosing an agreeable fondant at the best of times
I hope you strike gold with a decent recipe. 🙂

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