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asked July 9th 2015

Lindt White Chocolate Ganache

Hi, I have just watched Paul making white chocolate ganache with Lindt white choc that has a soft centre. He said he hadnt used it before and that 'solid' choc would normally be used but i have bought this exact choc by mistake and im wondering if anyone knows does this choc indeed set ok as a ganache to cover cakes? Or would i need to use more choc to cream ratio for it to set better due to the softness of the chocolate initially?
Please help
Thank you very much


Hi Lisa

The chocolate which Paul used has a mousse centre and that's why it was so soft. Personally I would not make ganache with it for crumbcoat even with a higher chocolate to cream ratio. It won't set to give a firm shell for the sugarpaste. You could mix it with hard white chocolate using 4 parts chocolate to1 part cream ratio which would set better. The mousse centred chocolate is more suited to filling ganache.


Thank you for your reply. Thats a pity. Maybe i could try mixing with hard choc but i do like quite a firm ganache. i never really get asked for ganache as a filling so is there anything else you could suggest i could use this in? would a ganache made with just this choc then work well in a buttercream?
Thank you


The chocolate can certainly be used with buttercream. However I'd make the buttercream slightly stiffer than usual to account for the mousse. This would be for filling and swirling over cupcakes. For white chocolate buttercream recipe take a peek here:

How to Make an Egg Free Cake + Vanilla Extract

The buttercream would need to be made to a stiffer recipe. Add your desired flavour. On it's own it can be quite sickly. Another thought...... ask your retailer to swop it over for you for the one you really want, just say you picked up the wrong one.
Alternatively try and make up a little ganache with the two types of chocolate using more of the hard white and see how it sets, you never know it may set quite hard.

Hope this helps Lisa. x
ps after thought..... if you do home made icecream it tastes lush in that. I haven't got a recipe to hand but there are loads online. 🙂

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