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asked November 3rd 2020

Red velvet cream cheese cake

Hi, I’ve been asked to make a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and it’ll be covered with fondant icing. Can anyone help with my questions?
should a cake with ‘dirty iced’ with cream cheese and chilled before a second coat?
Is cream cheese filling stable enough to facilitate fondant covering ?
how is a cake of this type stored?
what is the shelf life?
I don’t normally make this type of cake so any help would be appreciated


Hi Lmcg

Cream cheese frosting has to be kept refrigerated as it a fresh cream product. It’s high water content also makes it unsuitable to use under fondant covering. I would recommend using white chocolate buttercream with cream cheese flavouring. Take a peek online for suitable recipes.

Google search ‘cream cheese flavouring’ to see suppliers. 🙂


thanks madeitwithlove, that makes sense


I just came on here to search for what to cover a red velvet cake lol. I knew cream cheese wasn’t an option, so was going to do buttercream, but have been leaning towards white chocolate ganache, but wasn’t sure if it went together. Do people use white chocolate ganache on a red velvet sponge. X


Hi maisy

Red velvet cake is very delicate, whilst white ganache can be quite heavy and claggy. You could try using 1:1 ratio chocolate to cream and then whisking the ganache to lighten its texture. Personally, I would stick to something like an Italian or Swiss meringue buttercream and flavour it with cream cheese essence. If you don’t fancy making meringue, I have a light chocolate buttercream recipe for filling only in the following blog:

How to Make an Egg Free Cake + Vanilla Extract

Scroll down from the cake picture to find the recipe. It’s easy to double or triple up for larger quantities.

Hope suggestions help 🙂

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