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asked June 7th 2022

Shelf life of Paul’s chocolate cake

I’m making a handbag cake with Paul’s chocolate cake, I’m handing it over 2 days after baking, it won’t be cut into for another 5 days (7 days old). I’m guessing it won’t be at its best, but will it be acceptable, Is there anything I can do to extend its best, moist taste?


Hi Shaar

There is much discussion in the Q & A section. Please can I refer you to David Brice's answer in the following link with regards to Paul's chocolate cake recipe:

Lengthening the shelf life of cakes

To see many other answers, please type in this section's search box 'Shelf life'. It might be necessary to scroll through several items before seeing answers specific to your question.

Several members do say that the recipe can extend well beyond 5 days. Paul does say in one of his videos that to gauge freshness and to be absolutely sure, it is best to bake a trial cake, keep it in an air-tight container at room temperature and try a piece each day.

Hope this helps and good luck with the handbag 🙂

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