Royal christening sees guests eat 7-year old cake

Prince Louis’ royal christening sees guests eat 7-year old wedding cake!

A royal christening is always a big occasion. Whether it be the guest list, the venue or the day its self you can always count on something special when it comes to the royal family.

Now like any good event, cake is simply a necessity! And as you may be able to tell, we’re a big fan of it here (but really who isn’t?).

Yes, we like chocolate cakes, wedding cakes, novelty cakes, carrot cakes, some of us even like the types of cakes that you can only find in cafes in Amsterdam. However, Iwon’t mention any names.

One thing we may struggle with, however, is eating cake that is 7-years old!


7- year old wedding cake! But why?

Yes, so a 7-year old wedding cake at a christening? It all seems very confusing, doesn’t it?

Well according to Kensington Palace, the cake for the royal christening was a tier of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cake from 2011!

The couple were married in April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London and their phenomenal eight-tier wedding cake was “made from 17 individual fruitcakes” and was preserved for the christening.


So how did they preserve a cake for 7-years?

In somewhat of a British tradition, the bakers of the royal couples magnificent cake laced the fruitcakes with enough Brandy to keep the Pogues seeing double for a year-long reunion tour.

Of course, social media users outside the UK were baffled by this tradition and couldn’t understand the process of it with one user best explaining that

“It’s a strange tradition we have. The top tier of the wedding cake is kept aside for any future christenings. Seven years is just when the parents were married — it would have tasted a bit fresher for the previous two CHRISTENINGS!”

This is a tradition that’s been around for centuries so of course the cake is perfectly edible, so long as it’s stored and looked after properly. Paul prefers the taste of older matured fruit cakes and would have no hesitation at eating a 7+ year old cake, kept in the right conditions.

Did you do this as a tradition at any of your loved one’s christenings? Let us know in the comments below.

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