Star Wars Cakes: Cakes from a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars Cakes – may the force be with your frosting…!

To celebrate the release of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ we decided to ask some of the Pro members over at Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School to send us in some of their best Star Wars inspired cake designs!

As you can imagine we received a variety of great cakes from the PBSS galaxy. Here are some of our favourite Star Wars inspired cakes that definitely have the force with them…

A Fondant Falcon

Susan Reynolds made this unbelievably detailed Millennium Falcon. No need to test your eyes, this is a cake!

A Cake Walk


This incredible AT-AT walker was made by Danette Kessler of Danettes Creative Corner for her son. What a lucky boy!

Fight For Your Right to Eat Cake!


Paul Bradford made this Space Jet Fighter cake after being inspired by the Star Wars films. You can learn how to make your own simply by clicking the image above!

A Chewable Bacca


This superbly lifelike Chewbacca birthday cake was made by the very talented Susan Wong!

Jabba the Hut


This Jabba the Hut cake was made for Adam Prescott’s birthday by MC Dermott Telia. Adam is an actually an illustrator for Star Wars and his wife Margaret Prescott is also the cutter and maker for Daenerys costumes in Game of Thrones. You can see some of our favourite Game of Thrones cakes here.

All the Gang


Amanda Forbes made this Star Wars cake for a 50th birthday. Full of iconic characters from the show, how many can you name?

“Luke, I am Your Cake Decorator!”


Tracey Anne Hirst made this cake from the Darkside, featuring everyone’s favourite villain Darth Vader, lightsaber and all.

Ken Willis made this Storm Trooper helmet. You can find out about how a freak accident lead Ken into the world of cake in his Cake Journey blog.

Joanette MacPherson made this beautiful model of Rey and BB-8 as well as this Wickett the Ewok cake pictured below with Wickett himself! Actor Warwick Davis!


What’s your favourite of our picks and why? Let us know in the comment section below!

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