The emotional journey of a professional cake decorator

You’ve done it. You’re a cake decorator by name, cake decorator by trade. Your friends and family keep telling you how lucky you are to be doing something you love for a living. And you can’t quite believe it yourself.

Then along comes a customer.

They want what for £50?!

You learn to get a little better at putting your foot down. These are your prices, take it or leave it.

Once the cake and delivery time has been agreed with the customer, the anxiety and fear kicks in. Do you really have enough time to make this? What if the buttercream goes mouldy?

You push the fear to the back of your mind. C’mon, this is your jam! Time to do what you do best – make cakes.

The cake’s ready and the customer is about to come back to pick it up. The nerves rise again. What if you’ve spelt the name wrong? Are you sure those were the colours you agreed?

The moment of truth. You open the box to reveal the cake. And the customer starts crying…

But it’s ok! They’re tears of joy! You could cry too! They skip out with their perfect, lovely, beautiful cake. And you breathe a sigh of relief.

You don’t hear anything. You assume everything is ok with the cake.

You enjoy a brief moment of calm. Until the next customer comes along…

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