Farzana Manzoor (GB)

Farzana Manzoor
Expertise: Models , Novelty
Tutoring on CakeFlix: 2022
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Creating a cake requires patience, skill, creativity and of course the correct ingredients. Over the last two decades I have worked hard to acquire amazing ingredients and develop my skills but, I constantly questioned whether I had ‘IT’ or not?

My love for all things cake began over twenty years ago when I attended one of Paul Bradford’s evening classes. I was hooked! He inspired me so much and although I didn’t have a great deal of patience or in my opinion skill and creativity, Paul and I became friends. This is one of my most valued friendships and he still laughs when I refer to myself as his Asian Invasion. Paul’s career took a huge leap to cake decorating fame as he and his partner, David moved to Spain where they established a platform supporting all things cake related. The name, CAKEFLIX has become an international and influential platform for cake decorating tutorials and courses honing the skills of many.

As a Home Economics teacher in Scotland, I spend my days encouraging youngsters by teaching them how to cook, eat healthily and I incorporate baking and cake decorating skills where the curriculum allows …READ MORE

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