Win a Place On Our Intro Course AND be in Our Video!

full-cake-in-circulEver wanted to go on one of Paul’s courses? Love being infront of the camera? Then this is an amazing opportunity for you!

NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who emailed and commented. We had a fantastic response and its been really really hard to pick someone. If only we could pick everyone who got in touch! 

We’re looking for a bubbly, spontaneous and generally lovely person to come and help us film a promotional video! We know that probably describes every one of you, so if you want to come to our studio and spend a day learning and talking cake, then this is your chance! You must be able to come to our studio in for an action packed day of being taught by Paul, for free!

You will attend the Introduction to Cake Decorating course, held on the 5th of September in Linlithgow and you’ll learn some of the most fundamental cake decorating skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

For our video all you need to do is just turn up, be yourself, have an amazing time and just ignore the handsome chap with the camera (that’s me by the way!) We just want to capture the spirit of the day and turn that into a short 3 minute video! I may ask you a questions about your day at the end but that’s about it!

If you want to make the most of this opportunity then just drop us an email with your answers to these questions:

Why do you want to come on the Introduction to cake decorating course?

Why would you be a good person to be in our promo video?

By Paul Doffman





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