14 jaw-dropping cakes that comply with gravity

We all love a good gravity defying cake but let's be honest, they're almost too popular at the moment! You can now find them everywhere, people are sharing pictures of them and writing posts about them, (I mean, who would do such a thing?).  As such, we have decided enough is enough; we have decided to go the opposite direction with this week's blog post and we have compiled a list, of 14 jaw-dropping cakes that comply with gravity!

photo credit: pastrieslikeapro.com

photo credit: pastrieslikeapro.com


Walnut Cake

photo credit: hungryhinny.com


Domed Cake

photo credit: liveforcake.com


Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake

photo credit: ambrosiabaking.com


Bunt Cake

photo credit: enelpunto.net


Chocolate Victoria Sponge

photo credit: oetker.com


Flat Flate Cake

photo credit: thetolerantvegan.com


Vanilla Fudgy Chocolate Cake

photo credit: errenskitchen.com


Angel Food Cake

photo credit: seriouseats.com


Victoria Sponge Cake

photo credit: theknowledgeplymouth.co.uk


Jamaican Rum Cake

photo credit: aroundtheworldin80bakes.com


Lemon Cake

photo credit: dailymail.co.uk


Sponge Cake 3

photo credit: superscrimpers.com

Our last gravity compliant cake probably wouldn't even change shape if it had been baked on the moon!

Icing Cube Cake

photo credit: strawbeari3.com

Have you seen or baked any gravity compliant cakes yourselves? If so, how did you manage it... any special tips? Please share your story and photos; we'd love to hear from you!

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