Cake Decorating Courses in Glasgow

There are many places offering Cake Decorating Courses in or around Glasgow. Between them they offer a range of skills and techniques which will certainly help any budding cake decorating designer.

However, did you know that just 30 mins along the M8 from Glasgow is a dedicated Sugarcraft School where Paul Bradford and his team offer a wide range of skills taking you from very basic designs, cupcakes, teddy bears, handbags through to wedding cakes, 5 Day courses and even one on how to make a profit from cake decorating. There are world know designers like Debbie Brown and Maisie Parrish who often teach at the school.

Paul teaches in Italy, Spain and Monaco as well as here in Scotland. He has demonstrated his skills in the theatres at the International Cake Show in Birmingham, which is a feat held in very high acclaim. Perhaps his most notable accreditation comes from Mr Eddie Spence MBE (maker of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake) who said he had long admired Paul’s work.

Many of Paul’s students come from Glasgow and surrounding area, but has also been told of how the distance has put some off. With such value, a warm welcome and a lovely peacful setting just 30 minutes away we hope to see more students from Glasgow coming along.



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