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This week we have put together a collection of our favourite “Food Inspired” novelty cakes which I found on social media sites and Pinterest. Now we are not sure, whether it is because all hamburgers and pizza’s look yummy no matter what they look like, but a cake made to look like a hamburger or pizza is a dream come true for cake lovers like us! This is the ideal novelty cake for a food-lover or fast food fanatic, and not only do they look extremely impressive, but are a great option to have available for customers (after all everyone loves food don’t they?!) The question is, will your mind think you are eating a slice of pizza or a slice of cake?!

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Pizza Cake


food inspired cake pizza

Who doesn’t like Pizza? Looking for cool cake ideas for your pizza loving teenager?! Look no further, this pizza cake is a great option for a birthday cake or a social gathering. Not only does it look yummy, but it is relatively easy to create! Add as many or as little toppings as you would like. Pepperoni anyone?

Burger Cakes and Cupcakes


cupcakes food inspired cakes burger and chips

Nothing beats a good old burger on the barbecue in the summer, so why not add cute burger cupcakes to your barbecue spread to carry through the theme. Or if it is a burger fanatic’s birthday, learn how to create a life-like burger by watching our online tutorial here.  You can throw a couple of chips in with the burger too – what is a burger without chips anyway?!

Popular Sweet Treats


terrys chocolate food inspired cake  food inspired cake pancakes food inspired cake - sweeties

At PBSS, like most “cakeaholics” we all have a sweet tooth and are unable to resist sweet treats like the cakes above! These cakes are a fantastic option for sweet loving friends, family and customers both female and male! I particularly love the stacked pancakes and maple syrup by Shannon Bond Cake Design. Who could resit this cake?!

Meat Inspired Cakes


food inspired cakes - meat food inspired cakes - steak

Not a great cook, but a good cake decorator and baker?! Well not to worry, why not create a cake that looks like this fantastic spread by Roses and Bows CakeryI love the addition of the chef hat! Great idea for someone who links to think of themselves as a good cook!  I love this giant juicy steak and steak knifes too! Peppercorn sauce anyone??

Have you created a “Food Inspired” Cake before?

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All of these stunning cakes can be found with links to their original creators on my Pinterest board.

Paul x

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