Bear in a Chair Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Bear in a Chair
with Janette MacPherson
Skill level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 20
Decorating time: 2 - 3 days
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Bite Sized

Watch Janette make her cake in just one minute!

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Some hand-picked highlights from the whole course.

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1. Building the Structure

See how to build the structure to support the cake.

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2. Carving the Cake

Layer and carve the cake into shape, and add the back piece of the chair.

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3. Ganaching

Ganache the whole cake!

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4. Shaping the Arms of the Chair

Shape the chair arms from RCT and fix them to the cake.

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5. Covering the Chair

Covering the chair with sugarpaste and add a little detailing.

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6. Chair Details

Add some extra detailing to the armchair.

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7. Clothes: Trousers & Tanktop

Start modelling the bear, adding trouser legs and the tank top.

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8. Modelling the arms

Continue modelling the bear, adding the shirt arms.

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9. Feet and Hands

Modelling and adding the feet and hands.

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10. Modelling the Bear Head

Modelling the bear head, working on features and expression.

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11. Neck and Ears

Adding the head to the bear, building up the neck area and adding the ears.

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12. Extras

Modelling all the extra details, books, mug etc.

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13. Covering the Board and Modelling the Chair Legs

In this lesson, Janette covers the board with a wood flooring texture, then models the chair legs

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14. Painting Part 1

Learning about painting equipment and techniques and beginning to paint the cake.

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15. Painting Part 2

Continuing with the painting of the cake, and painting the extras.

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16. Finishing touches

Adding the extra models, finishing the cake!

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17. Other Ideas

Janette has a lots of ideas how to add your own touch to this cake and adapt it for different celebrations.

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18. PRO Lesson

Learn how much this cake cost to make, and an idea of how much to sell it for!

Bear in a Chair Cake

Join Janette making this gorgeous bear in an armchair cake! Learn how to build the structure, carve the cake into shape, model the bear face, texture clothing, painting and more!

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Build a structure
  • Model detailed character faces
  • Create clothing textures
  • Paint on sugarpaste
  • and much, much more

Don’t forget to share your interpretations of this wonderful cake with Paul and the rest of the CakeFlix community on our Facebook group.

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Janette MacPherson

Janette MacPherson

Janette is a self-taught cake designer based in Drumnadrochit in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. With a University Degree in Animation and a previous career as a Graphic Designer, she is now a lucky Mummy of three who unleashes her creative needs in cake form. Janette specialises in bespoke, personalised, highly detailed designs which capture memories, create a talking point and have even brought tears to eyes. Figure modelling is her speciality. She can create figures and pets from photographs and also replicate any personal items such as beloved teddies, favourite hobbies, outfits.... whatever you need!
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