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asked June 16th 2020

Company logo

Hi. I have been ask to do a grooms cake with a Mopar logo on it. I know Disney is prohibited to be used on a cakes. Does that includes logos to? Can I use M (logo) and put there initials instead of word (Mopar) under neath, or is that still a no no?

Thank you 😊


Hi Katja

The law of copyright applies to any company logo. Unless you have specific written permission to use it from the owner, it not a good idea to include it on the cake in it’s exact format. Doing so would be considered as theft of intellectual property. I guess you could use just the M as long as it doesn’t identify itself with the logo. I know people do use copyrighted names, they do it at a huge risk of prosecution.

Please take a peek at the following blogs for more information:

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I hope you find the information useful. 🙂

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