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asked March 21st 2017

Paul’s chocolate cake

Can I use white chocolate instead of milk chocolate for the cake? Considering that the couverture chocolate is pretty expensive here( I live in Japan ) , I don't want to try and fail. The white chocolate consistency is diffrent and I am wondering if i should I change the amount?


Hi Mohidekake, in my opinion white chocolate isn't really chocolate it's made up from cocoa butter milk and sugar, while its ok to use as a frosting or in brownies using White choc chips I am not 100% sure cakes can be made using the white rather than dark chocolate.


Hi Mohidekake

Unfortunately it is not possible to subsititute white chocolate in Paul's recipe. Please take a look at my answer here for reasons and for other suggestions:

White chocolate for Paul’s choc cake recipe

There is also another good white chocolate mud cake recipe here:

White Chocolate Mud Cake

White chocolate ganache can be used for masking/crumbcoating without any problems.

To scale recipes and other guides, you'll find the on site calculators here:

Brand new: 4 fabulous cake calculators!

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much ! Helps a lot!


You're welcome Mohidecake 🙂

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