Teaching Cake Decorating

Teaching cake decorating is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Paul just loves teaching and seeing the changes from nervous students at the start of the day to the glowing faces at the end, as they show off their cakes. To Paul, it’s far more rewarding than a customer receiving a great cake. What’s the saying; “Give a (wo)man a fish and they will eat for a day, teach them to fish…” It’s that feeling of educational empowerment that the student can go away and replicate the learning experience.

With Paul now spending most of his time in the filming studio, punctuated with classes in the UK, Dubai, Qatar, US and throughout Europe, his time is so pressed that he now wants to teach the teachers. However, it hasn’t always been like that. A few years ago there were fewer people out there more shy and worried about talking to groups of people than Paul. At school it became clear that he had dyslexia and as a result ended up in the lower grade classes which had a distinct impact on his confidence and he felt inferior when speaking to people. However, to look at him now speaking confidently in front of hundreds of people at Cake International, to making a cake for Prince Albert of Monaco in front of 100 Italian Cuisine students, what happened? There wasn’t a magic pill, it was simply doing something he was passionate about and it simply just flowed.

Very few people will admit to being confident, but yet you will consider that they are. Even Billy Connolly, a very outspoken, apparently confident, Scottish comedian, says that he often suffers stage fright. However, he has learned to use it to his advantage saying that if you don’t have butterflies before a ‘performance’ then you don’t care enough. With most things in life you need to push yourself outside the comfort zone to get REAL satisfaction. If you are reading this you have an interest in either developing your own teaching business or starting out, whichever it is we are extremely confident that what we are offering represents value and will give the knowledge, experience and support to ensure that your cake decorating teaching business becomes successful.

However, it is YOUR business and something that you will build to be extremely proud of creating your own brand presence along the way. With Paul’s contacts and marketing reach you could have the jet set life or have a kitchen classroom running courses to smaller classes, the choices are yours. For further information regarding the Accredited Tutor Scheme … read more 


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