WIN a Kenwood KMC010 Chef Titanium Mixer!

It’s almost Christmas! and I bet most of you are thinking more about what to get other people than what you might get for yourself! Well, it’s time to take a minute out of your Christmas schedule and enter our MEGA Christmas Giveaway to try and WIN an amazing Kenwood KMC010 Chef Titanium Mixer! This would make any Christmas more than just merry! This model sells for around £450 in the UK and $735 in the US, so its quite a prize! We are also getting fully Christmas crazy and throwing 1 year of our PRO membership into the mix (pun absolutely intended and I’m fairly proud of that one!).

You can enter this giveaway from anywhere but the prize can only be shipped to the UK or the US, so if you don’t live in either of those countries, you could always give it away to someone that does! Or move and claim the prize yourself 🙂

Happy Christmas from everyone at the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School. A special thanks to Kenwood for this incredible prize and the very best of luck to you all!

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