Cake Decorating Techniques Tutorial Videos

If you want to become an advanced cake decorator – whether in an amateur or professional capacity – you’ll need to draw on a big box of tricks. The following cake decorating tutorial videos give many effective techniques for creating stunning cakes – whether for weddings, birthdays or Christmas time. 

Cake icing design techniques such as the ‘lilac tulip’ or the ‘perfect mirror glaze’ will add an eye-catching touch of elegance to your cake, as will our superb flower creation techniques like ‘white wafer paper orchid’, ‘cosmos psyche rose’ and ‘single wired rose’. We also give you techniques for white chocolate ganaches and even dragon’s beard hair. 

Each technique video will show you how to create decorations for maximum realism, with tutorials at Easy, Intermediate and Advanced levels. 

Why not enjoy our free 7-day trial and discover why so many cake decorators rely on our detailed video courses? Take your cake decorating skills to the next level, with CakeFlix. 

Cake Tutorials & Videos

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