How to decide on the Cake Portions


One of the most asked questions by customers is ‘how many portions will I get from the cake?’. Many on wedding appointments are as interested in how many they have to feed as the design itself. Thankfully not usually the case, but portions does play a part in almost every cake order.

For the past 11 years we have used the table here to clarify the portion numbers and as in mentioned in the video we have never been challenged on them so we take it as an endorsement that they are close to correct.

There’s always the discussion on whether the customer would prefer 1″x 1″ portions or 2″x 1″ portions. It’s usually best to have a couple of examples to hand so they can make an informed decision. With weddings or where you are not going to meet the chef cutting the cake you must make sure that they are briefed on the decided portion sizes.

This is a pre-runner to some of the more business like videos we will be producing where we will look at the proper way to work out what to charge and how to cheaply and effectively market your business.

Here’s a link to the¬†Cake Portion Sizes¬†spreadsheet for a more information watch this short video.

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