Textured Wedding Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

Tutorial Preview

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Textured Wedding
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 11
Decorating time: 1 Day
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Here we have carefully selected all the key parts form the tutorial that should show you more than enough to get started. Perfect for those of you struggling to find the time to watch the entire tutorial.

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1. The Design and Preparing the Coloured Squares

Paul introduces us to his design and has already ganached and covered his cakes. To learn how to ganache prepare and stack cakes click here. Paul then goes on to prepare the main design element of the cake using wafer paper and lovely paints.

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2. Decorating the First Tier

Here Paul shows us a great way of using soft peak royal icing and edible paints to create lovely unique textures. I don’t want to give anything away but it’s incredibly quick and easy. Watch to find out! Paul uses edible silver balls but you could use anything you like. Get creative!

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3. Decorating the Second Tier

Paul comes up with another simple and brilliant way to create lovely textures using wafer paper and edible paints. Say no more. Watch to find out!

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4. Decorating the Top Tier

Once again Paul is using royal icing to texture the cake but this time is using stiff peak royal icing. Just a small palette knife and some stiff peak royal icing in a bowl and we’re all set.

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5. Making the Flowers

Here Paul shows us how to make lovely simple flowers using wafer paper and discs of flower paste. A very simple technique that is a fairly quick process once you get going and no doubt will be a technique you use more often in the future.

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6. Stacking the Cake

Things are moving along quickly and now it’s time to stack the cake. Just a little ganache or royal icing to stick the cakes down and then allow to set for a little bit.

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7. Painting the Cake and Attaching the Flowers

Here Paul adds some further texture to the cake by painting it with lovely metallic colours and then goes on to add the lovely wafer paper flowers. Paul attaches them with little balls of sugarpaste with toothpicks pierced through them. Later Paul will show us how to hide the toothpicks or at least make them look pretty.

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8. Finishing Touches

In this final lesson Paul shows us a nice way to finish the little flowers using up the rest of the coloured squares so nothing goes to waste. He then goes on to show us a nice way to finish it all off with a little spray and some lovely white ribbon.

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9. Other Ideas

Here Paul share some ideas that you can implement when making this cake to make it unique to you.


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10. Pro Lesson

In this lesson Paul share some insider information vital for any professional cake designer.

Paul introduces us to his contemporary Textured Wedding Cake which we are sure you’ll agree looks uniquely beautiful! Not only does it look great, but it tastes yummy too with chocolate sponge cake, covered in dark chocolate ganache. Paul has come up with some brilliant new ways of using wafer paper to create lovely textures – a simple and quick technique that can be used time and time again.
This cake is perfect for weddings or any special celebration and can be adapted in multiple ways.  The design incorporates many different skills and techniques such as creating edible flowers, working with paints, creating interesting textures and more. This cake has a very contemporary feel and has endless possibilities to suit almost any occasion. A fantastic cake to add to your collection of designs!

We would love to see your take on the Textured Wedding Cake  – please share your pictures with us on our Facebook Page!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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