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asked October 5th 2014

fondant+cmc = gumpaste???

Hi. I've read through the various links that explain the differences between the various pastes (flower, sugar Mexican, etc) but I would be very happy to understand the differences in qualities and characteristics specifically between lets say 250 grams + teaspoon cmc and ready made gum paste. Some sources say that fondant+ CMC combination produces gumpaste, but is the quality the same? Or perhaps the combination is just a second best? And as an afterthought, how would those two possibilities compare with the seemingly popular 50 / 50 combination? The fondant that I'm using is Satin Ice. Looking forward to your response.


Hello franke

There are lots of answers on this topic through out the site, here are a few which may help:


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clarke baxter

All in all gumpaste, flower paste, petal paste are all variations of the same thing with refinements. There is also Mexican paste, pastillage, cold porcelain, mallow ruse and probably other stuff I've never heard of! List goes on and it depends what you want to make. Manufacturers all have their own recipes, tweeked to make it slightly different from their competitors. I use Squire's Kitchen petal paste because I find it has the best drying properties particularly when used in combination with sugarpaste 50/50. I do make gumpaste using gum strengtheners, sometimes I don't find them too effective especially if the weather is hot and humid. I prefer ready manufactured for consistency. I will use home made for some models and less fine flowers.
Chocolate modelling paste is a great medium, it holds shape on larger objects and can be mixed 50/50 for covering cakes and for making smaller models which aren't too heavy.
The best way to discover what suits you is to play with the different mediums. Keep tweeking until you find something you really like. What works for one may not for another.

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