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September Cake of the Month Winner – Gonk Character Cake by Julie Walker

Huge congratulations to Julie Walker who was CakeFlix Cake of the Month winner for September with this beautiful gonk character cake (shown here). Julie is the proud owner of...
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Margaret Lupo

Maragret Lupo – Certified CakeFlix Master

A huge Congratulations to Margaret Lupo who successfully completed the CakeFlix Master Programme. Not a certificate you would expect from someone who wanted to be a nun when they...
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Making frosting

How To Make Frosting

Before you learn how to make frosting you need to learn the different frosting types. Buttercream frosting means different things to various bakers. If you have actually gone...
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Paul Bradford

Cake Classes Online From Your Own Experts

Why not simply get free recipes off the Net? Well, you entirely can, but if you do not want to squander your time combing YouTube videos from undependable sources, then this is...
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Easy cake decorating

Easy Cake Decorating

If there are great deals of parties in your future, it can be both a money-saver and an enjoyable pastime to discover how easy cake decorating is!   While elegant flowers and...
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Mandy Black Spotlight member

CakeFlix Spotlight Member for September – Mandy Black

Mandy Black is CakeFlix spotlight member for September. Mandy is a regular in the private CakeFlix Facebook Group and is very supportive and always happy to offer comments and...
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cartoon aeroplane feature image

How To Draw A Cake

You don’t need to be an artist to know how to draw a cake or transform your treat right into an artwork. A cake is an empty slate waiting to be beautified. Cake decorating...
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Gina Rickaby

August Cake of the Month Winner – Gina Rickaby

I’m Gina Rickaby owner of Great Cakes (by Gina) based in Crowborough just near the Kent/Sussex border (UK).  I was absolutely thrilled to win the CakeFlix Cake of the Month...
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CakeFlix Master

Cake Decorating Classes and Tips

Cake decorating classes help you see that decorating is genuinely an art. In this article, you will be able to understand different tips and lessons that are essential to produce...
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CakeFlix Master

Cake Decorating Suggestions

Concerning cake decorating the whole “following the instructions” thing. This is the # 1 response to 99% of all the questions about failed recipes. Occasionally the...
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Spotlight Member

CakeFlix Spotlight Member for August 21 – Helen MacLachlan

Helen has been chosen as CakeFlix Spotlight Member for August as a result of her amazing designs and ability to replicate tutorial cakes to great effect. Paul was especially...
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Cake of the Month July 21

July’s Cake of the Month Winner – Michele Farrow

I’m Michele Farrow and am the proud owner of Craftycakehole.  I was absolutely delighted to win the CakeFlix Cake of the Month competition for July 2021, and David asked me...
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