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Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes You Need To Make Right Now

 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes You Need to Make Right Now As winter slowly glides in the deep desire to sip a warm cup of hot chocolate is simply beyond you can justify. But a...
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Mary Berry reveals why she quit the Great British Bake Off

Mary Berry tells us why she didn’t follow Paul Hollywood to Channel 4… Mary Berry has revealed why she decided to quit the Great British Bake Off after when it moved...
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Ex-boxer creates spectacular 13-foot tall fairytale cake

Boxing up a treat! ? Combat sport and cake decorating might seem worlds apart to most. However, this isn’t the case for boxer-turned-cake-maker Renat Agzamov. A former...
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Fish and Chip Cake: Cake International judge makes a giant supper!

Fish, Chip and Cake? Although on first glance, this may look like a fish and chip supper suitable to feed a battalion. It is, in fact, the latest creation from ex-soldier and now...
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daniel dieguez with carrie bradshaw

Wedding Cakes Hints and Tips Part Two!

Enjoy Part Two of our feature on “Wedding Gowns Through The Ages” – the display at Cake International Alexandra Palace spring show 2017. Catch up with Wedding...
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Star Wars Cakes: Cakes from a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars Cakes – may the force be with your frosting…! To celebrate the release of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ we decided to ask some of the Pro members...
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Alcohol and Dessert: Which alcohol goes with what cake?

Alcohol & cake – a match made in heaven Ah, alcohol and dessert. We all know about food pairing such as wine and cheese, tea and biscuits, lager and… well for me...
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The Great British Bake Off – the best cakes so far

We’re sure that by now, you have grown a little impatient waiting for the new series of The Great British Bake Off? However, not to fear as we at PBSS have enough GBBO...
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10 cakes that are so hipster they hurt

Hipster noun, informal. A person who follows the latest fashions, particularly those considered to be outside the ‘mainstream’. If you know any hipsters, you’re...
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Art-inspired cakes

Painted cakes are having a bit of a moment right now. So what better excuse to take a peek at some cakey creations inspired by the art world’s greats. From Dali to Van Gogh,...
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15 gorgeous wedding cake trends for 2017

Whether you’re getting hitched this year, or planning on making a whole bunch of wedding designs – we’ve gathered some of the hottest trends for you to take a...
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Oooh, nice handbag cake!

Handbag cakes are guaranteed to put a smile on your client’s face. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a leaving do, handbag cakes are the perfect way to show off a...
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