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pimple cake

A cake with poppable pimples! (video)

Crazy cake with poppable pimples Are you a cruel parent looking to embarrass your teenage child in the cruellest way possible? Then do we have the cake for you… Canadian...
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Members’ Stories: A Happy Birthday Boy

There’s nothing we love more than hearing inspirational stories from our members. For many years now we have tried to build a platform which not only affords people the...
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Ex-boxer creates spectacular 13-foot tall fairytale cake

Boxing up a treat! ? Combat sport and cake decorating might seem worlds apart to most. However, this isn’t the case for boxer-turned-cake-maker Renat Agzamov. A former...
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Fish and Chip Cake: Cake International judge makes a giant supper!

Fish, Chip and Cake? Although on first glance, this may look like a fish and chip supper suitable to feed a battalion. It is, in fact, the latest creation from ex-soldier and now...
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Star Wars Cakes: Cakes from a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars Cakes – may the force be with your frosting…! To celebrate the release of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ we decided to ask some of the Pro members...
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teatime cake

Tea and Cake: 3 Classic British Cakes for Tea Time Treats

By Jane Sandwood Tea and Cake: a British favourite! Tea and cake is a quintessentially British pastime, enjoyed all around the country. From a tasty treat at a catch-up with...
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Alcohol and Dessert: Which alcohol goes with what cake?

Alcohol & cake – a match made in heaven Ah, alcohol and dessert. We all know about food pairing such as wine and cheese, tea and biscuits, lager and… well for me...
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A Brief History of Cake Decorating

A Brief History of Cake Decorating Origins… Although, it’s difficult to say exactly when it started. Historians believe that the practice of decorating cakes began...
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Research finds that eating chocolate cake for breakfast can be good for you!

Science has found that eating cake for breakfast can actually lead to weight loss! We know what you’re probably thinking? This is simply too good to be true! You may also be...
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8 eggg-cellent Easter cake tutorials

Spring is in the air – it’s the perfect time to try out some of our lovely Easter cake tutorials. Easter Cupcakes Cupcakes are perfect for Easter gatherings with...
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Excited for Rogue One? 10 cakes to get you in a Star Wars frenzy

Star Wars fans across the galaxy are bracing themselves for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The latest film will be a standalone story set before the events of the...
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8 cakes that radiate flower power

The two things in life guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face are cake and flowers – so why not combine the two?! Harness the power of the flower and let your cake...
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