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Baking measurements

Top Tips to Avoid Making Cake Baking Disasters

In this post, we have some helpful tips and tricks that will improve your cake-baking skills. We’ll start with the basics and the chemistry of cake making before delving deep...
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Buttercream icing

The Best Way To Make Buttercream Icing

What is Buttercream Icing? Buttercream icing is a type of frosting made from butter, sugar, and can be adapted to use cream, vanilla essence and other flavourings. It is often...
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Chocolate ganche

Everything You Need To Know About Chocolate Ganache

What is Chocolate Ganache? Chocolate ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream. It is a type of chocolate frosting that is used as an icing on cakes. The cream in the ganache...
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Mom baking

Innovative Cake Designing Ideas for Moms

Making a cake is both art and science whipped together to deliver not only a spectacle to make people’s mouth watery but also deliver the tinges and flavors to satisfy your...
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Thinking baker

What baking a cake could teach the student

Baking is an enjoyable and extremely beneficial activity, especially for students. There are numerous reasons why pupils should learn how to make pastry. For instance, baking with...
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Baking a cake from scratch

How to bake a cake from scratch!

How to bake a cake from scratch! Baking can be a very rewarding pastime and the joy of pulling a freshly baked, perfect cake, from the oven is a fantastic experience. Ovens and...
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How to Eat Your Cake and Have Your Shape Back

Can I mention cakes and shape in the same sentence? Yes, I can. Cakes are bliss. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love cakes. Mealtimes, birthdays and parties are not the same...
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How to Make these Boozy Brownies with Whiskey?

Who doesn’t love brownies? Not only are they delightful, but they are also straightforward to make from scratch. The experience of biting into a perfect just baked brownie is...
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How to make a chocolate mirror glaze in minutes

Learn how to make a chocolate mirror glaze Mirror glaze is a popular technique used to decorate cakes, desserts and pastries. There are many different types of mirror glazes you...
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GBBo cake smash

GBBO: Krishnan Guru-Murthy relives accidental cake smash

GBBO – when baking goes wrong! Channel 4 news presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy has described his recent GBBO ordeal as “soul destroying”. The well-renowned TV...
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cookie recipes breakfast

3 homemade cookie recipes

3 Recipes for homemade cookies to prepare for your partner. What better way is there to show a loved one how much they are appreciated than with some home-made treats? You can...
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can a machine make the perfect cake

Can a machine make the perfect cake?

The Cake Maker Review – An easy way to make the perfect cake? Tefal claims that they have created the ultimate cake-baking machine. But just how good is Britain’s...
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