Cake Decorating Tutorial Videos

If you’ve been asked to create it, we’ve probably made cake decorating  tutorial videos on it. On this page you’ll find an exciting array of cake decoration tutorials, which also serves as inspiration for future cake designs.

Animal-themed cake decoration tutorials include Pirate Parrot, Highland Cow Morag McToffee, Roly-Poly Harry the cat, Bear in a Chair, Cute Giraffe, Octopus, Scottish Animal Wedding, Doreena the Goldfish, and many others.

You’ll also find tutorials showing you how to make cottages, go-karts, Santa Claus, Christmas baubles, witches, cruise ships, wishing wells, motorbikes, monsters, spiders, aliens, gardens, trees, and even pie-and-chips!

And of course, we present dozens of videos showing you how to make more traditional cake decorations including pillars, tiers, flowers, leaves, hearts and other effects – perfect for weddings, Valentines, birthdays, anniversaries and many other events.

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