Naked buttercream cake tutorial

Your First Steps to Mastering Cake Art

CakeFlix is the place to start your cake art journey. Whether you’re a home baker or an aspiring professional, we’re here to unlock a world of creative and delicious...
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Banana Bread

Gluten-Free Goodies: 5 Recipes To Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month

As Celiac Awareness Month approaches, it’s time to try gluten-free cooking. Navigating a gluten-free diet can be a challenge. However, delicious gluten-free meals are within...
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Capturing Sweetness: The Art of Cake Photography

Cake decorating and photography are two art forms that come together to create a visually stunning and delicious experience. In this week’s blog, we will delve into the...
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Hand tempered chocolates tutorial

Chocolate Work: Techniques for Decorating with Chocolate

If you love chocolate and want to improve your baking and dessert-making abilities, it’s important to master the art of chocolate work. This involves learning how to temper...
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Lemon cake

How Travel Inspires Unique Cake Designs and Flavors

The art of cake design and baking is a journey, not just through the process of creation but through the inspirations we gather from around the world. With its ability to expose...
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Gonk Eater cake

Delicious Easter Cake Recipes to Sweeten Your Celebration

Easter is just around the corner, and while egg hunts and chocolate treats are always a hit, why not switch things up this year? How about trying your hand at some mouthwatering...
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Master the Art of Basket Weave Cakes: Tips and Tricks

Basket weave cakes can be created using different techniques, such as buttercream or sugar paste. In this week’s blog, we will share our favourite tutorials that teach this...
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CakeFlix community

CakeFlix Online Community

CakeFlix is not only the biggest learning hub for cake decorators, it also boasts a very activate and supportive community of cake decorators. Do you sometimes just need a little...
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Wedding Decor Essentials for Perfectly Matching Your Cake to Your Venue’s Vibe

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, every detail counts, from the choice of venue to the theme of your decor, and, importantly, the design of your wedding cake. Your...
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Irish cream cheesecake

A Taste of Ireland: St. Patrick’s Day Cakes Inspiration

Did you know that the tradition of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day originated from the belief that it made you invisible to leprechauns? As this festive day draws near,...
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What our clients say

CakeFlix Testimonials

CakeFlix have been 6 Times Best Learning Experience Winners at the Cake Masters Awards and Paul Bradford was recently voted People’s Choice Winner. But check out what their...
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Mother and daughter featured image

Mouthwatering Mother’s Day Cake Recipes to Wow Mum

Mother’s Day is just around the corner for those in the UK, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your mum how much you appreciate everything she does. And what better...
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