Easy decorating

Easy cake decorating

There are a lot of people out there that love to bake and show that off by wanting to learn how easy decorating works. They are keen to see their finished product. There is...
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For beginners

Cake decorating for beginners

Cake decorating for beginners is something I've been interested in learning for a while, but I was never able to find where to start. Then as I went through some articles, I...
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Baking classes

Baking Classes

Over the past few years, Baking classes have become a popular beginner hobby and even an official part of education. Bakers compete in competitions such as Baking Games,...
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Carol Burger

Congratulations to Carol Burger – Our latest certified CakeFlix Master

Just me… 2 Hands, 2 Feet, One Day at a Time Blog post by Carol Burger - Certified CakeFlix Master                  Step by step, I have worked my way to this amazing...
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Chocolate cake ideas

Chocolate cake decorating ideas

Chocolate Cake Decorating Ideas is one of the new trends that people are hoping to. One of the most delicious parts of baking a cake is decorating it! Chocolate can be used to...
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Decorating classes

Online cake decorating classes

Do I need online cake decorating classes? This is a great skill that can turn into a wonderful career. Taste and aesthetics represent an indissoluble binomial in the pastry field:...
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September Cake of the Month Winner – Gonk Character Cake by Julie Walker

Huge congratulations to Julie Walker who was CakeFlix Cake of the Month winner for September with this beautiful gonk character cake (shown here). Julie is the proud owner of...
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Best way to make fondant

Finding the best way of how to make fondant

Fondant is a sugar paste that can be sculpted into shapes and figures for decorating cakes. It's made by boiling sugar, water, and cream of tartar (or another type of acid), then...
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Online classes

How to master online cake decorating classes

Are you a cake decorating enthusiast and looking for the opportunity to learn more about your favorite hobby? Online cake decorating classes might be perfect for you. These allow...
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Cake Decorating

Why Cake decorating is crucial in this industry

Cake decorating is a skill that should be mandatory in the baking world. Cake decorating is to make your everyday plain creation into something worth looking at, worth taking...
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How to make a cake

How to make a cake

Before we can reach the actions of how to make a cake, we need to pick a recipe. You can keep it easy with a yellow one, or you can pick a somewhat showier recipe, like a...
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How to bake a cake

Want to learn how to bake a cake? Fortunate for everyone, cooking a cake from square one is totally practical for the house baker. If you are simply starting out, we have some...
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