Festive cupcakes

Holiday Bliss: 4 Enchanting Cupcakes to Sweeten Your Christmas

What better way to dive into the Christmas spirit than with a delightful batch of festive cupcakes? Perfect for serving at a holiday party or leaving out as a sweet surprise for...
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Winter Reindeer

4 Festive Christmas Cakes: Secrets for Magical Holiday Treats

Tis the season for Christmas cake! The holidays wouldn’t be complete without a bounty of desserts and sweet baked treats. After all, what’s Christmas without them? As the...
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Bakery owner

From Home Kitchen to Business Bakery: A Step-by-Step Guide

Baking has always been more than just a passion for you – it’s a calling, a form of artistry that brings joy to those who indulge in your delectable creations. Now, as the...
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Jasper the bear

4 Expert Cookie Tutorials: Your Guide to Flawless Decorating

December has arrived, and it’s time to crank up the Christmas tunes and start baking holiday goodies. What better way to start the holiday cheer than with a fresh batch of...
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No bake cakes

No Oven, No Worries: 3 Exquisite No-Bake Cake Recipes

The holiday season is just around the corner, and you know what that means – ovens firing up for Christmas cookies and cakes galore. Maybe your oven is full, or you simply...
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Military Dog Bust

Cake Design Adventure: 4 Unique Dog-Themed Classes

Do you have a passion for cake designs and a love for our four-legged friends? If so, you’ll adore our pawsome dog-themed cake design classes! We offer a range of courses...
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Concrete Geode cake tutorial

Innovative Cake Decoration Ideas For 2023

Introduction  Cakes have been marked as a milestone for several generations. It has evolved over the decades and has stood as a symbol of love and thanksgiving.  Celebrations...
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Pastry section

The Vital Role of Digital Thermometers in the Baking Industry

Baking is quite a precise activity that requires skills to be accurate in measurements. From the quantity of the ingredients to the temperature at which you cook, everything plays...
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Pricing Strategy

Answering The Biggest Questions That UK Cake Shop Owners Have

Running a cake shop in the UK comes with a unique set of challenges and considerations. Admittedly, it’s a difficult time for anyone running a business in the UK right now, but...
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Scottish Tablet tutorial

Mastering Dessert Diversity: 4 Key Baking Types with CakeFlix

Wondering how to elevate your baking prowess for an upcoming special occasion or a cosy night in? This week, CakeFlix is spicing things up! We’re breaking out of our...
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Beatles cake

Rockin’ Cake Decorating Tips: Epic Cake Art and Sweet Beats

Rock your kitchen with CakeFlix’s musical masterpieces, where every sugar hit is a beat in your baking symphony. With our mix of cake decorating tips, turn fondant into...
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Promote Yourself

Mastering The Art Of Self-Promotion: What You Need To Know About Building Your Cake-Making Portfolio 

The cake-making industry in Britain is a sphere of boundless opportunities. With consumers increasingly seeking personalised, handcrafted experiences, the demand for unique cake...
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