Colourful cake

Online cake classes

Do I require online cake classes? This is an excellent ability that can turn into a fantastic occupation. Preference and also aesthetics stand for an indissoluble binomial in the...
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Music notes cake

Online cake decorating courses with qualifications

Online cake decorating courses with qualifications help you see that decorating is genuinely an art. In this write-up, you will be able to comprehend various ideas and also...
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Naked cake

Video cake design

Video cake design is highly beneficial. In this blog post, you will absolutely have the ability to understand with cake decorating video clips, the various embellishing courses...
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Wedding cake

Wedding cake decorating videos

Unless you are very talented with the ability to decorate cakes, your only 2 sources of ability in this facet are dish books or wedding cake decorating videos. While you can...
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Ruffle rose wedding cake

How to make ruffle rose wedding cake

Ruffle rose wedding cake is what we call a delicatessen. It has acquired significant attention in decorating this year, specifically in wedding design with fabrics including in a...
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October Spotlight Member – Christina Ludlam

It never ceases to amaze us when we start to hear the stories behind our spotlight members. Congratulations to Christina Ludlam on becoming CakeFlix Spotlight member for...
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Halloween cake

My Cake Journey by Rachael Smith (Pro Member)

Hi it’s me again, Rachael, you might remember me from my last blog post for CakeFlix, which told the story of my CakeFlix Master journey?  If not you can check it out here...
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Summer romance

How do you make a cake

How do you make a cake? It's one of those basic questions that have a lot to unpack. If you're a cook that can't resist tossing in a handful of this and a sprinkle of that, you...
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Cake decoration at home

There are millions of sources that can help you when it comes to cake decoration at home. Embellishing suggestions for beginners for different celebrations, whether you wish to...
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Easy cake designs

Among the simplest and fastest easy cake designs, there are definitely decorations with topping sugar. In addition to just cleaning icing sugar, as a matter of fact, you can make...
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Online cake making classes

Online cake making classes have become more popular than ever. Are you on one of those people that sees a cake and says, "I want to make something like that". If that's the case...
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Simple Cake designs

What does it take to make simple cake designs? Have you ever before wanted to come to be a cake decorator? Or maybe you simply wish to produce lovely and tasty crafts for your...
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