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Milk Chocolate Ganace

Hi there, I’m going to be making a 10″ square cake for my friend’s mothers birthday. I’d like to try and use ganache instead of buttercream. What quantities of ganache

Painting a drip gold, RKT, tartan effect

…with ganache Or use royal icing? And if royal icing what consistency should it be I’ve Only ever used ganache? Also what’s the best way to cover RKT in fondant?…

Textured Wedding Cake

I have been asked to make a wedding cake for my sons wedding. I have made a few wedding cakes in the past and always use ganache and fondant icing….

Strawberry Delight

…how to… Use Baileys to flavour cakes Ganache cakes Stack cake Decorate with strawberries and lots, lots more Don’t forget to share your interpretations of this wonderful cake with Paul…


Hello madeitwithlove, I’ve made the ganache and Paul’s chocolate cake but, I think its to rich for my taste..I see on your answers to questions that you use ganache all…


…dark chocolate ganache and sugar paste and two Victoria sponges filled with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream and coated in dark chocolate ganache and sugar paste? Roughly how much ganache

Buttercream covered cake

I am doing a wedding cake this is to be filled and iced with buttercream, to make it more stable I am going to add some ganache, I see you…


…and had no idea how to Ganache a cake. Your free step by step course online, is fantastic for someone who has never used Ganache before, I had been attending…

Spicy Sultana Cake

…a spicy sultana cake (a childhood memory for him) but I’m not sure whether this will go with ganache. What do you think and what flavour ganache? Thank you, Lorna….