Modelling Cake Tutorial Videos

Models add an extra dimension to your cakes – and set them apart from the competition. In this extensive collection of modelling videos our cake masters show you how to make a wide variety of human and animal models, with something for almost every genre or style of cake. As a subscriber you can refer to any of these videos when you need to, picking the elements you need to make your ornate cake – whether for a customer, a friend or a family member. 

Our selection of icing modelling tutorials videos includes children-focussed creations such as clowns, rag dolls, toys, little monsters, bears, Santas and babies. 

But we also have several fantastic videos showing you how to make models for adults, including keep-fit models, bride and groom models, and even a ’50 shades lady’ – showing you can really bring a smile to your cake-loving audience. 

We also have tutorials on how to build armatures within the models, so they can strike more realistic poses. 

Take a look at our amazing selection of cake modelling tutorial videos below, including Easy, Intermediate and Advanced level videos.

Cake Tutorials & Videos

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