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Everything You Need To Know About Chocolate Ganache

…Need To Make Chocolate Ganache Ganache proportionment is very straight forward. Using the ratios below, which are chocolate to double (or heavy) cream: Dark Chocolate ganache 2:1 Milk Chocolate ganache

Carry on Ganaching! New Charts and Recipes

…following day you’ll have smooth silky ganache ready for filling and piping. For maximum flavour, use a good quality chocolate or couverture. Tip for Piping Ganache Fill two separate bags,…

Using Ganache

Ganache is a crucial part of cake decorating, but we find that some people are a little scared to use it. In this course from our completely free series of…

Ganache plates

…or ganache should be on the side of cakes please? I thought a quarter of an inch all round for ganache but I’m not sure if that’s enough for buttercream….

Filling a cake and then using ganache

…do I use…..buttercream or ganache? And after I dam and fill the cake (question being with buttercream or ganache for the dam) I can then cover the cake in ganache

Flavours of ganache

I want to experiment with more flavours. I always use ganache and often use white chocolate ganache with my carrot and also with my vanilla cake. I was reading about…