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Outside the Kitchen: 6 Ways to Market Your Cake Business

While you may be an expert on frosting, batter, buttercream, and more, the marketing side of the business may leave you scratching your chef’s hat. That’s nothing to worry...
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What to earn making cakes

What can you expect to earn making cakes?

No doubt many of you have thought about it? But just what can you expect to earn making cakes? This guide alongside our live tutorial will cover all you need to know about how to...
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Goal Setting:  Getting the most out of your cake business.

The new-year is now well under way.  All the left over chocolates have been eaten and it’s time to look forward to what we want for our business, for this year. It’s time to...
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Pricing Your Cakes | Free Pro Mini Lesson

Charging properly for your cakes is the difference between success and failure, or in other words profit or loss. Pricing cakes is a topic that comes up again and again as it's so...
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The tough world of cake business

When Paul set up his cake business 15 years ago it was all so new. He knew he could make lovely cakes and he was full of ambition and ready to go. However, there were a number of...
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Tough questions to ask yourself before you start a cake business

For many cake decorators, running your own cake business is the dream. Imagine being able to do what you love every day? And so many do. But before you embark on the path of...
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How to Find Customers | Free PRO Mini Lesson

In this Free PRO mini lesson David shares with you some of his top tips for finding customers both offline and online. Firstly David helps you to understand how to identify who...
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