Sugarpaste fondant

Fondant Making Made Easy

Fondant is a smooth, pliable icing that is used to cover cakes and create decorative details. It has a similar consistency to play dough, and can be molded and shaped into a...
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Teddy Bear cake

Making And Decorating The Kid’s Perfect Birthday Cake ?

How to make a kid’s birthday cake? It’s such a special time for a child, their birthday, a time that they will remember forever. Why not make it even more memorable by making...
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Buttercream icing

The Best Way To Make Buttercream Icing

What is Buttercream Icing? Buttercream icing is a type of frosting made from butter, sugar, and can be adapted to use cream, vanilla essence and other flavourings. It is often...
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Chocolate ganche

Everything You Need To Know About Chocolate Ganache

What is Chocolate Ganache? Chocolate ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream. It is a type of chocolate frosting that is used as an icing on cakes. The cream in the ganache...
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10 Tips for Starting a Baker Career as a Student

Embarking on a journey in the baking world as a student is a delightful adventure filled with possibilities. It’s an exploration of creativity, where the blend of flavors and...
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Sparkly Feature Member

Farzana Manzoor is our winner of  CakeFlix Feature member of the month for the following reasons: her amazing  creativity, her great sense of humour, but most notably her...
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CM Awards

Cake Masters Magazine Awards

*** Sorry, but we have filled our 50 allocated places*** It is great news that Cake Masters Magazine Awards ‘The Reunion’ is all set to go ahead on Friday the 5th of...
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No bake cakes

Dorm Room Delights: Baking Hacks for Students on a Budget 

Remember that night when you desperately needed a sweet pick-me-up after hours spent hunched over textbooks? Dorm fridges often resemble arctic wastelands, devoid of anything...
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Ruth Wallace

Spotlight Member for March – Ruth Wallace

We are delighted to have Ruth as CakeFlix Spotlight Member for March. Here is Ruth’s story in her own words… I have always loved to bake for family and friends and...
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Julie Rogerson

From Pro Member to published author – Julie Rogerson

Huge congratulations to our very own CakeFlix pro member and guest tutor, Julie Rogerson, who has just had her first book published, ‘Modelling Figures for Cake Toppers’....
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How To Level A Cake

How do you learn how to level a cake? To level it, you require to put it on the turntable. Hold your serrated blade right out in front of you, with your joint tucked right into...
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Baking cake

Learn To Make Courses

Want to learn exactly learn to make courses? Lucky for every person, cooking a cake from square one is totally useful for the house baker. If you are merely starting, we have some...
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