How to Make Chocolate Ganache

Having decorated cakes with buttercream for many years Paul had his moment of enlightenment when Liz Russell came to work for him. Liz had worked with Planet Cake in Australia...
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Making Buttercream

One of the key components of any cake is getting the buttercream consistency just right. This video can also be viewed along with many other hints and tips on the Tutorial...
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What should you charge for your cakes?

This is the most asked question on the ‘Making Profit from Cake Decorating‘ course. There are a number of factors you must take into account: 1. Compare your skill...
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Cake Decorating Videos

Things are moving along and on schedule to have the full Cake Decorating Video Library available from 1st November. Up until then we will be adding a number of teaser videos live...
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Storing Fruit Cake

Whether you’re keen to engage in the tradition of keeping the top tier of the wedding cake for the first christening or if it’s just for practical reasons we often get...
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Intensive Cake Decorating Course 8.8.11

Another amazing  week with students coming together from Belgium, Spain, England and Scotland to share the experience. Almost straight away there was laughter from the classroom...
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Cake Decorating Courses

We have just launched a further 28 course dates including the much requested Christmas cake course dates. There are four courses this year ranging from the 10 Evening course on...
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Planning a Wedding?

Having delivered thousands of wedding cakes to many many venues over the years it takes something special to stand out.  However when Paul and David delivered the Tree wedding...
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The Tree wedding Cake

Paul received a special commission to create a wedding cake in the shape of a tree!! Where do you start? Gravity surely doesn’t allow for cake to sit on branches? How can...
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Cakey Bakey Art – Christina Ludlam

I am married to Gary and have three children, Martyn (32), Bethany (29) and our youngest daughter, Grace (23) who’s yet to fly the nest.  Gary and I were both born and raised...
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CakeFix Gift Vouchers Explainer

CakeFix Gift Vouchers CakeFlix Premium and Pro annual memberships provide the recipient access to That’s over 1,500 tutorials, regular live shows, Q&A...
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David and Paul

David and Paul Wedding

WEDDING CELEBRATION DAVID & PAUL 25th JULY 2020 – FOR INVITED GUESTS We are looking forward to welcoming you to our villa in Alhaurin el Grande to celebrate our big day...
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